Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Recalls the Crushing Scene That Outraged Viewers

Beth has committed a lot of questionable things in Yellowstone from corporate espionage to blackmailing her adoptive brother into murdering his biological father

It was her refusal to let young Carter call her mama in Season 4's finale that caught the attention of viewers the most

American went after me for that Kelly Reilly says with a laugh  But I get it I wish she could let herself be a mother to him as well

Think about it she adds If she's telling this kid Yeah I'll be your mom that's not being real

Even though Beth's message to the orphan wasn't what he or the audience wanted to hear it wasn't nonsense

Reilly recalls You had a mother who died I can't replace it but I'll be your friend I think there was something honorable about that she says

Furthermore Beth's attitude toward Carter might finally change one day just maybe