Yellowstone Kevin Costner Says Taylor Sheridan’s Story Turning Into A Series Was A Surprise Revelation

Taylor Sheridan pitched Kevin Costner the dramatic Western "Yellowstone," even though he had no idea what he would be doing

Costner recalled what he said during this week's press day celebrating Paramount+'s recent launch in the U.K

Cosner had no idea that the project would eventually be turned into a television series

The actor explained that switching from film to television was no problem for him, who likes to immerse himself in characters

This week, Paramount+ launched in the UK, offering a broad slate of more than 8,000 hours of programming, much of which is from 101 Studios

As for the male characters like Rip Wheeler, the ranch enforcer, and John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton ranching empire, Costner said the same thing

"Rip is doing things a lot of guys wish they could do," he said, referring to the universal wishes some of the characters on the show accomplish

John Dutton, in really critical moments, says things we wish we would have thought of on the spot, so movies  have been like that for me