WWE Prospects Will Be Stars, JBL Told Vince McMahon

20 years ago, a young talent in WWE was just getting started, wrestling in trunks that resembled the local sports team

And promising to deliver "ruthless aggression." 

That young man was future 16-time World Champion John Cena, and WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield was among the first to notice his star potential

JBL was asked about how he saw Cena in those early days on Busted Open Radio

"I do not think the magnitude of being a star, but what is it like to be a star?

JBL noted that Cena was already prepared for the strenuous requirements of a 30-minute main event match, calling it "a world away" from an 8-minute match

Anyone can be trained to do that, you start the match, get heat, and go home.

Vince was "really surprised, happy surprised," and WWE Chairman & CEO "had no feeling one way or the other