Tony La Russa was once regarded as an inventive, forward-looking manager

La Russa retired from baseball after leading the St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series victory in 2011

The Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf brought La Russa back to the game after he had been absent for nine seasons

La Russa was in position to prove he still had a chance to win a World Series after the team prematurely fired him during the 1986 season

La Russa, 77, proved in 2022 that the game passed him by and that the White Sox should cut bait before it's too late

The climax of La Russa's embarrassing return to the dugout came during the team's 11-9 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday

The White Sox trailed by two runs in the top of the sixth

When La Russa instructed Trea Turner to walk with a 1-2 count so lefty reliever Bennett Souza could face Max Muncy

Despite Muncy's home run, La Russa faced scrutiny for the move