Web creator Tim Berners Lee Screw Web3 My Decentralized Web Doesn’t Require Blockchain

Berners-Lee's recent actions seem to conflict with this snub

The 67-year-old is now campaigning to keep his "dysfunctional" idea from being swallowed up by Big Tech

Furthermore, he made $5.4 million selling an NFT  thought to be one of Web3's pillars

He has his own vision for the web's successor a decentralized architecture that gives users control over their data

Bernards-Lee wants to build it on a platform he calls Solid, but you can call it Web 3.0

At one point, we discussed it as Web 3.0, since Web 2.0 referred to the problems with user generated content on the large platforms," he said

Web3 is based on blockchain, but Solid is built using standard web tools and open specifications

Information is stored in decentralized data stores called "pods," which can be hosted anywhere

The goal of this approach is to provide interoperability, speed, scalability, and privacy