We Created a Monster Michael Phelps Coach Opened Up on His Olympic Journey

Greatness comes with a price, but sometimes you don't realize it until it's too late

Michael Phelps is known for his 23 Olympic golds, 39 world records, and his emergence as a legend in the sport of swimming

Despite being one of the greatest swimmers of all time, he failed to acknowledge the mental health issues that made him vulnerable

In addition to helping shape his incredible career, Coach Bob Bowman also let him put things that bothered him under the rug for the sake of his Olympic glory

Michael Phelps was only known as an outstanding swimmer when he was competing

Under the skin of a great athlete, there was a man struggling with mental health issues he suppressed until he could no longer handle it

Phelps had one goal in mind since early 2000, and Bowman did everything to help him accomplish it

In Beijing, however, when Phelps won gold in every event, the path forward haunted them