Undertaker Reacts To Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Promotion

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker believes Stephanie McMahon is well suited for the role of Chairwoman and CEO of WWE

Despite being one of Vince McMahon's favorite talents, Taker told Sports Illustrated that Vince's interim replacement deserves praise

"Stephanie is incredible, and she will prove that in her new role," Taker said

Despite not having a selfish bone in her body, she's all about business

In the Wall Street Journal, it was reported that Stephanie's father had a cover-up affair with a former employee

An employee was bribed with $3 million for keeping the situation quiet, according to the report

However, Vince has not been deterred from appearing on WWE television because of this ongoing investigation, with the former chairman having yet to miss an episode of WWE television

Stephanie was reportedly appointed interim CEO and chairwoman of the company by a special committee made up of eight members of the WWE Board of Directors