Trade Proposal Nets Browns $137 Million Quarterback to Replace Watson

Unless the Cleveland Browns can find a suitable replacement for Deshaun Watson, the team's hopes for a Super Bowl this season are all but nil

The Cleveland Cavaliers still have nearly $48.5 million in available cap space, according to Spotrac

There are two obvious needs on the team in defensive tackle and wide receiver, but quarterback could soon be added with a ruling on Watson's off-field problems expected as early as this week from independent arbiter Sue L. Robinson

Jacoby Brissett and Josh Dobbs are the Browns' backup quarterback options behind Watson after the team traded for Watson in March and dealt the four-year starter to the Carolina Panthers last week

At the moment, Cleveland's leadership contingent may argue that Brissett is capable of holding the line until Watson returns, however long that may take

In the offseason, the Browns committed a lot of money and years to players, including $230 million guaranteed to Watson over the next five years

The Browns' general manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski's job security depends on making good on those gambles

They should gamble on a one-year replacement for Watson who has a recent track record of leading talented teams to deep postseason runs in order to protect their risky investment strategy