Tom Hanks admits doubts over ‘Forrest Gump’ bus bench scenes

Hanks revealed that he didn't think the iconic bus bench scenes in "Forrest Gump" would make the final cut

In the 1994 movie directed by Bob Zemeckis, which won six Academy Awards, Hanks played a man with childlike innocence and a tendency to stumble into history

During a promotional interview for his new movie "Elvis," Hanks told ReelBlend

"We just shot fodder for a possible narrative piece with the stuff we shot on the park bench in Savannah, Georgia."

"We ended up shooting maybe 13 pages of dialogue in a day and a half," he said

"I only needed the cue cards after a while because I got into it," Hanks said, before going on to explain what Zemeckis told him about the bus bench scenes

The scenes became important parts of "Forrest Gump," which earned $677 million around the world and is considered a modern classic by many