The Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan Has Some Competition With Morgan Freeman Set To Star in

As Taylor Sheridan currently has eight shows in the works, we have all been anticipating this "whole new world of Taylor Sheridan" for quite some time

Among them is a show about the first black lawman in America, Bass Reeves, starring David Oyelowo

Who was a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory during the post-reconstruction era, capturing some of the most dangerous criminals of the time

Bass Reeves will be a spin-off of 1883, and production has started

The famed lawman may have some competition from another show on Prime Video, titled Twin Territories, based on the story of Bass Reeves, according to Deadline

He has been pushing for over 30 years for someone to make a film about Reeves, even though he is not playing the famous lawman in the drama

According to Freeman, he had grown frustrated with the portrayal of African Americans in the past

There were no Black heroes in American history, so here's a chance to correct that and straighten some of the kinks out