The Nets’ offer to trade Kevin Durant to the Timberwolves shows how hard it will be to move him

Possibly Kevin Durant will remain in Brooklyn if the Nets' recent trade proposal represents the required package

According to Vince Goodwill on the "Posting Up" podcast, the Timberwolves approached the Nets about trading for Durant, the disgruntled 12-time All-Star

Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, and four first-round picks were Brooklyn's asking price

Despite the Timberwolves' multiple inquiries, Minnesota balked at the prospect of trading its young stars

Nets refused to budge from their asking price, which The Athletic contextualized as a "mountain of picks and established All-Stars"

Timberwolves traded four first-round picks and five other players for Gobert, showing their willingness to part with significant assets for a superstar

However, their negotiations with the Nets over Durant provide an idea of how difficult it will be for Brooklyn to find a partner willing to meet its high expectations

The tenor of Brooklyn's response to Durant's trade request has remained the same since last Thursday: It's happy to wait for a team to meet its asking price