The Kardashian's terrible workout technique shocks fitness coach

People have been eyeing Kardashians personal trainers more recently as well as access to a wide variety of specialists from cooks to doctors

Fans were shown Kim Khloe and Kourtney working out in the gym during the new Kardashian's Hulu show how else could Kim lose those 16 pounds in three weeks

While the sisters are known for their intense workouts one professional says that intensity does not necessarily translate into skill

The untrained eye might find this scene normal but to one fitness trainer who reacted to the video on TikTok they couldn't be more wrong

It was claimed by a fitness coach that the Kardashians workouts need a lot of improvement

According to fitness coach Sophia Nicole the Kardashians can work out better if they follow her tips on TikTok

Nicole captioned her original video I'm sorry what with the text reading POV watching The Kardashians workout