The explosive thriller ‘Hot Seat’ stars Sam Asghari as a hot-headed cop

In the pop culture world, "Hot Seat" has been a smoldering topic, but not because of its cast of Oscar winner Mel Gibson, Kevin Dillon and Shannen Doherty

Sam Asghari, Britney Spears' longtime boyfriend who married her last month, plays a breakout role

Reviewers haven't reviewed "Hot Seat" (in theaters and on demand now), a movie about a bomb planted underneath a computer hacker's chair

Here are all the details on Asghari's role, "Hot Seat" action, and that incendiary furniture

It's brave casting for Dillon to play Orlando Friar, the family man who is secretly the world-renowned hacker known as the Red Knight

It would be even braver for a remote villain to give Hacker orders after pointing out the bomb under Friar's rolling chair

Friar has little room to move or even wheel with the seat bomb and electric fence around the desk

The creative license taken by Hot Seat allows it to disregard the need for any bathroom breaks