The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Review

The Boys has kept its audience on the edge of their seats in part by ping-ponging with whether Homelander will be stopped or not

The formula continues in The Boys Season 3, as it has in the past

The early episodes hint that he can't be stopped, but also seem to give a small amount of hope that 

There is something out there which could be used to get him to back off a bit.

It also makes the show more interesting because it reveals that while Homelander is a psychopath

The Boys picks up right where last week's left off in this episode

So Butcher is still dealing with the after-effects of using V to give himself some temporary superpowers

Hughie is also trying to figure out how to stop working for Victoria Neuman after discovering that she has superpowers and has killed lots of people

In addition to what The Boys are planning in terms of taking down Vought and Homelander in particular, there's a plot to get this evil version of Superman