Ted Cruz says Supreme Court was 'clearly wrong' about 2015 same-sex marriage ruling

According to Cruz, the US Supreme Court's landmark Obergefell v. Hodges ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in 2015 was clearly wrong

In a video posted on his podcast's YouTube channel, Cruz said Obergefell ignored two centuries of our nation's history

The issue of marriage was always left to the states. Prior to Obergefell, some states were moving to allow gay marriage

Other states were moving to allow civil partnerships. States adopted different standards

According to Obergefell, the court ruled, "No, we know better than you guys do, and now every state must, must sanction and permit gay marriage."

"In Obergefell, the court ruled, 'We know better than you guys, and now every state must sanction and permit gay marriage'."

Cruz said, "I think that decision was clearly wrong when it was made."

In my opinion, the court overreached."