Tax fraud trial to be held in Spain for Shakira

According to Shakira's public relations team, she will go to trial insisting on her innocence on tax evasion charges

As she has been unable to reach an agreement with Spanish prosecutors

Despite her impeccable behavior as a person and taxpayer, Shakira and her team consider this case to be a total violation of her rights since she has been willing to resolve any disagreement from the beginning

A judge near Barcelona ruled in July 2021 that the Colombian singer could face trial for alleged tax evasion of 14.5 million euros ($17 million).

Shakira's alleged tax evasion for 2012, 2013 and 2014 should be tried, according to a ruling 

According to Judge Marco Jess Juberas, Shakira spent more than 200 days in Spain each of those three years, making her liable for taxes

As a result, the judge concluded, Shakira and a financial adviser used companies in off-shore tax havens to conceal the sources of her income