Stranger Things' Max star admits 'body needs a break' as she speaks out on future

Stranger Things will make its highly anticipated return to Netflix screens in July with part two of its fourth season

Ahead of the show's end after season five, Sadie Sink, who played Max Mayfield, opened up about taking a career break

Season four returned to screens after a nearly two-year hiatus due to restrictions and social distancing rules around COVID-19

With its return, the instalment also revealed a new side to Max Mayfield (played by Sadie Sink).

Having witnessed the death of Billy Hargrove in season three, the usually carefree teen returned with trauma and shut out her friends

A new Villain, Vecna, used her heartbreak to try and kill her, which was the main focus of the season

She was able to escape Vecna's wrath thanks to the help of her friends after a significant revelation

Despite this, it was revealed in February that the supernatural encounters between the friends would end after season five