Stranger Things 4 Hawkins Lab Creates A Big Kali Powers Plot Hole

Season 4 of Stranger Things returns to Hawkins Lab with flashbacks 

Eleven's other "siblings," which creates an unusual plot hole regarding the powers of Eight

Stranger Things' Upside Down battles have explored Eleven's psychokinetic and telepathic abilities extensively

It was revealed that Hawkins Lab had cultivated and trained her powers throughout her childhood

The flashbacks reveal that Hawkins Lab once housed at least 17 children with similar abilities, including Eleven

During Stranger Things season 4, Eleven recalls her childhood at Hawkins Lab 

As she faced taunts and violence from older kids when all of her siblings were alive

In the flashbacks, she discovers that Number One/Henry Creel had murdered everyone except Brenner 

And Eleven in Hawkins Lab, a memory she had repressed for the past seven years

As Eleven and Kali first reunited in Stranger Things season 2, both realized that their abilities were vastly different

Eleven was able to find people in her mind and move objects with telekinetic abilities

But Kali could create illusions to frighten or distract her enemies.

After Stranger Things season 4's Hawkins Lab flashbacks, Kali's surprise at Eleven's powers creates something of a plot hole