“Stranger Things 4”: Eddie Munson Actor Breaks Through That “Insane” Metallica Guitar Solo

Stranger Things' final episodes were finally released last Friday and were well worth the wait, especially when it came to the new character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn)

There are spoilers ahead Munson, leader of the Hellfire Dungeons & Dragons club, is killed by ravenous "demobats" in the finale. 

Eddie has the ultimate hero moment as he stalls for time so that his friends can attack Vecna

As the demobats approach, he slams out a guitar solo to end all guitar solos on the Upside Down version of his caravan

An interview with The LA Times published Sunday quotes Eddie actor Joseph Quinn as saying, "It's insane.".

I think this is the only world where something like that can happen and not feel like a pastiche. It doesn't feel forced."

He continued, "And funny enough, it doesn't feel melodramatic at all just right. More than anything, it just feels fun. 

Wait for it to be repopularized by Stranger Things exactly like Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill, which hit No. 1 on iTunes after it appeared in episode 4