Stephen Curry mocks Charles Barkley's golfing abilities: "He is the third best shooter in his own family, so he does not have much room to talk."

As one of the best players of his generation, Charles Barkley currently appears as an analyst on the show 'NBA on TNT'

Although Barkley has often been the most unfiltered member of the show, Chuck sometimes makes the worst predictions

His predictions for the NBA in 2022 were not surprising given his history with predictions

There was one about the Golden State Warriors

The Dubs had little chance of competing for a title earlier this season, according to Chuck

We can safely say that the take hasn't aged well after 10 months

The Warriors' superstar and Finals MVP Stephen Curry recently hit back at Charles Barkley

Curry's response to the question of whether Barkley will be among the Top 70 in the American Century Championship in 2022 was hilarious