Steph Curry Leaves No Room for Debate About His Legacy

Stephen Curry hung behind in the backcourt after 42 minutes of dazzling and baffled Boston all over the floor

With the clock ticking toward history, champagne, and cigar smoke

He waited a long-overdue introduction to the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Trophy with the help of his longtime running buddy Klay Thompson

Warriors' dynastic run, one evidently still in progress, continues in the closing seconds of Game 6

A 103-90 victory over the Celtics, a final series win to earn his fourth NBA championship, he sat down

Overwhelmed by the realization that, just over 1,100 days after Golden State’s golden age appeared to end, he and the team could still shine bright as ever

Curry said that the last two months of the playoffs, the last three years, and the last 48 hours have been an emotional roller coaster both on and off the floor

As we did tonight, you carry all of that on a daily basis in order to try to realize a dream and a goal