Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been putting in huge efforts over last couple of years in helping the needy through his humanitarian efforts.

His charity organization Sood Charity Foundation has launched 'Kadam Badaye Ja' campaign to help patients suffering from knee ailments, especially senior citizens.

At the launch Sonu Sood said, "Osteoarthritis of knee joint is common after the age of 50 yrs.

In severe cases patient requires total knee replacement surgery to relieve pain and to correct deformity in the knee joint.

Not all can afford the treatment in time as cost of the surgery is high.

Sood Charity Foundation with 'Kadam Badaye Ja' initiative is trying to help such patients get back to a new normal.

It pains me immensely when I see senior citizens, who taught their kids how to walk being unable to walk themselves.