Snoop Dog reveals he partied with Tom Brady at every Super Bowl win

Tom Brady knows that winning a Super Bowl is a great reason to party

Snoop Dog claims the quarterback has partied with him every time he won the NFL championship game

In addition to being a big NFL fan, Snoop Dog is a big Steelers fan, although he supported the current monarchs in the previous Super Bowl, when the Rams won the Vince Lombardi trophy

Tom Brady took his son Jack to see women pole dancing on stage three years ago at a party hosted by Snoop Dog

As Brady's son covered his eyes, he assured his father that he was fine in a very funny moment

When I saw it on replay at home, I thought it was the best thing ever. Being there, I thought it was the best concert ever. 

It meant a lot to me that Dre let me be the first one to speak out. The first voice was mine," the rapper said emotionally

Tom Brady and Snoop Dog have a long-standing friendship, and now it has been revealed that the rapper went to party