Sharna Burgess releases first face photo of Brian Austin Green’s baby boy

A new photo of Sharna Burgess's baby boy with Brian Austin Green has become public

Zane Walker Green slept on top of the new mom's chest in the picture posted via Instagram on Sunday

A week after giving birth to her son, the "Dancing with the Stars" pro reflected on how it has changed her life

Burgess explained that despite not yet having "the words that can adequately describe my love for him," she wells up with tears when she looks at him

In addition, she said, "I know I'll never be the same again."

Having never known love of this kind or capacity existed, it's a beautiful and overwhelming experience

She now understands "everything" her mother has ever told her about a mother's love being "unique"

It's that whole 'you'll understand when you have kids' thing parents say when they fuss over you," she wrote