Shakira and Pique begin a new battle after their separation

It was assumed that Gerard Pique and Shakira's 12-year relationship would have been straightforward since they weren't married, but it has been anything but

Although the couple knew they were breaking up for some time, it wasn't made official until early June

A lot of questions arose, and one of the most pressing relates to the two children, Milan and Sasha

Pique has taken the first step toward getting legal custody of his children

Shakira plans to relocate the children to Miami with her, since she has no friends in Barcelona and doesn't want to stay

But Pique wants the kids to stay where they have lived all of their lives so far

With a legal battle that isn't likely to be pretty, the former couple have hired lawyerw

Pique hired Tamborero Abogados, which specializes in divorce, while Mane hired Pilar Mane, who specializes in family law