Response from Taylor Swift's Rep to Criticism

According to a new study, Taylor Swift's private jet has produced the most carbon dioxide so far this year out of all the celebs

The pop star's jet flew 170 times between Jan. 1 and July 19, totaling almost 16 days in the air, according to U.K.-based sustainability marketing firm Yard

According to the study, the aircraft emitted 8,293.54 tonnes of carbon, which is 1,184.8 times more than the average person's annual emissions

Swift's jet is loaned out regularly to other people, a spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter

Each star's number of flights, average flight times, miles, and total emissions of CO2 were compiled from the beginning of 2022

Among the other top 10 musicians were Jay-Z (No. 3), Blake Shelton (No. 5) and Travis Scott (No. 10)