Purple Hearts Star Sofia Carson Was Terrified

Sofia Carson has been creating and writing music for years she's no stranger to it

That doesn't mean she wasn't scared out of her mind to contribute original songs to Purple Hearts' soundtrack

With a laugh, Carson told TheWrap that he called his mom multiple times crying.

"It was like, who would have thought I could do this?"

Netflix's new film, streaming now, follows Cassie and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), who fall in love despite hating each other on their first date

Her career as a musician is just getting started, and he's about to embark on his first tour as a marine

Cassie suffers from Type 1 diabetes and doesn't have health insurance, while Luke is recovering from addiction and owes a lot of money to his former dealer

Luke's military insurance benefits accrue to Cassie, while Cassie receives a monthly stipend to help cover expenses while he's deployed