Priscilla Presley is the ultimate glamour icon Review

Baz Luhrmann's Elvis is 2 hours, 39 minutes long, and that much Luhrmann might give me a headache.

In my opinion, movies should be 90 minutes long

I have been reflecting on what an icon Priscilla Presley is as a result of the relentless press campaign for this film

The couple dated half behind her parents' backs and traveled halfway around the world before getting married in 1967 during an eight-minute ceremony (including a press conference)

They were married for six years, having one child, Lisa Marie, before divorcing in 1973.

It wasn't a conventional romance, since both sides had affairs and she was underage at the time

Nevertheless, it thrust Presley into the public eye, where she has remained intermittently.

With perfected, voluminous hair and a statement eye look, Priscilla decided she might as well give people something to see.