NFL World Reacts To The Colin Kaepernick Investment News

Colin Kaepernick turned to another sports league for a business venture as he attempted a comeback in the NFL

Shams Charania of The Athletic reports that Kaepernick has invested in the BIG3 League

In the absence of Kaepernick's funding, Ice Cube's three-on-three basketball league would have folded

The BIG3 was close to being shut down, but Kaepernick extended a lifeline to it nonetheless

Other NBA fans, however, wanted different news when they received a Twitter notification from Charania

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were the only Brooklyn Nets stars they were interested in trading for

Kaepernick may be able to convince Irving not to join the Los Angeles Lakers if he's not moved to the BIG3

Former NBA players and coaches have been part of the BIG3 since its inception in 2017