Netflix Sues Creators behind The Unofficial Bridgerton

The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear are being sued by Netflix for copyright infringement

After a sold-out live show dedicated to their Bridgerton-inspired album, the streaming giant filed the complaint in a district court in Washington, DC

The two began making music inspired by Bridgerton after the series debuted in 2020, promoting it on TikTok and quickly gaining popularity

As fans requested more content, Barlow and Bear created a 15-song album in April, which won a Grammy for music originating from TikTok for the first time

In Washington, DC, Barlow and Bear held a concert on July 26th that featured live performances and music from the National Symphony Orchestra

While Netflix praises Barlow and Bear's work itself, Netflix claims it "repeatedly told the pair that Bridgerton-inspired compositions "were not authorized." 

As for the live Unofficial Bridgerton performance, Netflix claims that Barlow and Bear "refused" to negotiate a license that would allow them to distribute their album and perform without interruption.