Netflix is bringing Cameron Diaz out of retirement for a new movie with Jamie Foxx

Cameron Diaz is set to star alongside Jamie Foxx in a new Netflix original film, officially ending Diaz's retirement

In a tweet, Fox teased the new film, titled Back in Action, by including an audio clip of him and Diaz talking with Tom Brady, whose retirement from football lasted a full 40 days

Netflix doesn't reveal much about the upcoming film other than that it will be directed, produced, and written by Seth Gordon, the director of Horrible Bosses

The script is being written by Neighbors' Brendan O'Brien in addition to Central Intelligence's Beau Bauman

Netflix has said the premise of the film will remain "under wraps" until later this year, and that production will begin then

Diaz last appeared in the 2014 remake of Annie with Jamie Foxx

They previously appeared in the 1999 sports drama Any Given Sunday

Netflix has about 222 million subscribers worldwide, but the platform lost subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 despite having 74.58 million subscribers in the US and Canada