NBA commissioner Adam Silver no longer satisfied with Kevin Durant’s trade request: ‘We do not want to see it’

The NBA commissioner weighed in amid a hectic offseason dominated by the Kevin Durant sweepstakes

Durant requested a trade days before the start of his four-year, $198 million contract extension with the Brooklyn Nets, Silver said at a news conference at the NBA Board of Governors meeting

According to Silver, who is considered by many to be an extremely pro-player commissioner, this kind of behavior is not good for the league

It's a two-way street. Teams provide players with enormous security and guarantees

Players, their representatives, and the teams will always have backroom discussions behind closed doors

But we prefer that players don't request trades. We don't like the way the situation plays out

Silver expressed displeasure with players' public trade demands during NBA All-Star Weekend in February

In January 2021, the Philadelphia 76ers acquired James Harden via trade from the Nets, who acquired Harden from the Houston Rockets