Man, I Hope the Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Looks More Exciting Than This

We're generally fans of Stranger Things' fourth season , at least of the seven episodes that have been released so far

However, we're also eagerly awaiting Netflix's virtually four-hour (!) finale next month

A half-dozen new stills from Volume 2 were released, which fail to capture the drama set up by Volume 1

As you know Vecna's origin, Eleven's powers might be back, Nancy was trapped in a nightmare 

In the Upside Down, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray were trapped in a Russian prison with a demogorgon, all that was really exciting

Max and Lucas are sitting, not standing, in their picture, as are Mike, Will, Jonathan, and new character Argyle 

However, these stills don't really help create excitement for Volume 2

The final two episodes of Volume 2 will have plenty of time to do cool things and stand around once it arrives on July 1