Magnum P.I. 2 Major Changes Finale Set up for Potential Season 5

Magnum P.I ended with the Season 4 finale on CBS, it did seem to tie up some loose ends.

Thomas Magnum's and Juliet Higgins's kiss could lead anywhere you want

The Season 4 finale did leave off in an interesting place, setting up potential two major changes

Throughout the series, Detective Gordon Katsumoto (Tim Kang) has been involved in very personal and off-book investigations

By the end of the interview, he suspected that he might be considering a career change

We will explore two ways in which things could go very differently if there were to be a Season 5

She wasn't the only one who confessed in that scene

While both had concerns about losing their friendship and partnership, despite agreeing that maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to go there, they still kissed