LeBron missed the NBA playoffs for the second time in four seasons

The Los Angeles Lakers' tenure with him has been good or bad, depending on who you ask, as winning a championship does not constitute success to some people

Since then, the Lakers have struggled to make another deep postseason run

They were eliminated in the first round last year and missed the play-in game this year

The Purple and Gold have struggled to regain their form after winning the 2020 NBA championship

Even bringing in Russell Westbrook to create a Big 3 wasn't enough to help them this season, as they never clicked, and injuries plagued them every single game

During his 19-year career, LeBron James hasn't missed many playoffs

A recent interview with the King revealed how he lived these moments, even on vacation

Although LeBron wasn't able to play in the playoffs with his team, he still found a way to enjoy the postseason