LeBron James’ $45 Lobos beats $2.1 billion worth Michael Jordan’s Cincoro tequila at the 2022 San Francisco

The tequila brand Lobos is a big investment for LeBron James, who frequently promotes it on social media

Also recently, Lobos tequila beat out Michael Jordan's Cincoro tequila at the 2022 San Francisco Spirits competition

Jordan has been LeBron's idol since he was a child

LeBron is two rings behind the NBA GOAT (as most people call him). Michael Jordan was linked to him long before he was drafted

When Jordan settled into the NBA, he was meant to take over from him as 'The Chosen One'

It is predicted that LeBron will surpass Jordan's legacy with one more ring

In addition, he will become the NBA's all-time leading scorer

Investing in valuable assets helped LeBron also build a great net worth