Lea Michele will replace Beanie Feldstein in 'Funny Girl'

The next "Funny Girl" on Broadway will be Lea Michele, replacing Beanie Feldstein.

In the role of Fanny Brice, the famed comedian and vaudeville performer, the production announced Monday 

That the "Glee" star would succeed Feldstein, whose tenure will end on July 31

The actress announced her departure on Sunday, writing that after the production took a different direction, Feldstein had made the difficult decision to step away sooner than expected.

This is almost two months earlier than her previously announced September 25 end date for "Funny Girl."

Julie Benko will perform until Michele joins the cast after Feldstein leaves

There have been a number of poor reviews, many of which have aimed at Feldstein's performance in the first Broadway revival of "Funny Girl"

Her voice let her down throughout the show, and when it comes to the musical's beloved melodies, Feldstein could not sing them