Lais Ribeiro Beach Pic With Hubby 

This Tuesday morning former Victoria's Secret model Lais Ribeiro, along with his wife, former NBA player Joakim Noah, enjoyed the beach of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro's South Zone

In a black and white bikini, the 32-year-old beauty wore sunglasses and a cap that protected her from the scorching sun in the wonderful city

She appeared in the photos in a romantic mood with her beloved.

A record shows Lais Ribeiro eating corn and renewing her bronze while lying on the beach, highlighting her beautiful curves and natural body.

She still showed a tattoo near her ribs that she has.

On July 13, Lais Ribeiro married Joakim Noah in Trancoso, Bahia.

Friends and family of the couple attended the celebration.

The model from Piauí, in turn, melted when describing the moment she walked down the aisle with the former American athlete.