Kehlani and 070 Shake Confirm Relationship

Kehlani released a new music video for her song "Melt" 

The singer finally confirmed that she was dating her colleague 070 Shake

The video, directed by both artists, shows the lover at different stages of his dream romance and domestic happiness

The lyrics are also sweet poetry, Kehlani sings: "I don't know where your hair ends and my hair starts"

Rumors of a possible relationship between the Kehlans and the 070 Shake began to spread

When the 070 Shake tweeted one of Kehlan's videos in September 2021

The couple was spotted together at an event in Bottega Veneta in October 2021, and Kehlani

"Melt" is the latest video from Kehlani's 27-year-old album "Blue Water Road", released on April 29