Julia Fox's Groutfit Is Hanging On by 1,000 Threads

Julia Fox doesn't shy away from daring fashion choices or bizarre beauty trends

Her newest outfit, however, takes the "groufit" to a whole new level by incorporating strings, straps, and lots of them

The actress stepped out in a gray, Alejandre coordinating set on Tuesday, which was comprised of a cropped cutout 

Shirt tied in the front with long, thin strips, as well as very chaotic cargo pants 

With a flossing midsection and a snap-away bikini line that revealed some of her hips

She paired the look with ivory pointy-toed pumps and a black baguette bag with a thin headband to pull her hair back

Fox kept her bleached eyebrows, which she debuted in May

Fox frequently wears barely-there tops, lace-up dresses, and waistband bras, which makes it clear that she is committed to displaying a lot for her fans