Johnny Depp urges fans to “be cautious” as his team works to “combat” fake social media accounts

Fans of Johnny Depp are advised to be cautious about "fake" social-media accounts run by individuals "pretending to be me"

The actor, 59, warned fans in a recent Instagram Story "PSA" that he does not have any private or side accounts

My team and I only share updates and communicate on these pages: Instagram @JohnnyDepp / TikTok @JohnnyDepp / Facebook @JohnnyDepp / Discord @JohnnyDepp0854.

Despite the persistence of the fake accounts, my team is working to combat them

Thank you for showing me this issue and for your continued support." Depp concluded, signing off the note, "Love & respect, JD X"

Pirates of the Caribbean star won all three defamation claims against his ex-wife Amber Heard 

In his 2018 publication about coming forward as a victim of domestic abuse two weeks ago

Depp was awarded $15 million in damages, but Heard will have to pay only $10.35 million due to a Virginia law capping punitive damages