Johnny Depp Returns To Disney

Although he hasn't been confirmed to appear in any new films just yet, he is officially back as the mascot of the ride that has been a mainstay of Disneyland since 1967

There had been some refurbishment work going on at Pirates of the Caribbean, which included sound improvements and cleanup

Which might have affected some of the characters on display, but fans were thrilled when they saw that Depp was back in his usual role as Captain Jack Sparrow

Honestly, this renovation plan might have been to get rid of Johnny Depp if he had lost his lawsuit against Amber Heard. However, that wasn't the case

Disney initially projected a picture of Depp in Disneyland Paris, just days after he won his case, just to get people's attention

In response, Disney was criticized for not apologizing to the man, especially since they are willing to use his image again

The public has continually backed him up since his troubles with Heard began, so Johnny Depp is experiencing a bit of a resurgence

As a result of his victory in court, he can now put these huge issues behind him and get back to acting