Jennifer Lopez's story in "Halftime" leaves out

To survive as a superstar for more than a decade requires a special personality

There are two types of people: chameleons like Madonna, or Lady Gaga or diamonds.

Netflix's recent documentary, Halftime, features an impossibly beautiful, almost unnervingly relentless star

The movie reminds us that she has been doing this for quite some time, but she is still a completely recognizable 

If a bit more self-assured version of the 27-year-old she played in her breakout hit "Selena" in 1997

"Halftime" shows, it's not as easy as presenting yourself as a documentary subject

Like all female celebrities, Lopez lives under exaggerated scrutiny, all the more so as a woman of color

Despite the armor she's built around herself and the forensic control she exercises over her narrative, "Halftime" appears determined to tell an underdog's success story