Jenell Evans calls mom Barbara 'toxic' in Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans is upset after discovering that her mother, Barbara, warned other Teen Mom girls not to behave like her

In response to Babs' blabs, the former Teen Mom 2 star wrote on Instagram and TikTok that her mother has become toxic again

The comment section of Jenelle's post on TikTok hinted that she and her mom are back in court fighting 

For custody of Jenelle's almost-13-year-old son, Jace, whom Barbara also has legal custody of

From her fans, Jenelle posted "Your mom was talking crap about you" and "Did you see what your mom said about you?

It has been the happiest time of my life.No one acknowledges your accomplishments...especially your own mother.

The Ashley posted about the video Jenelle is referring to earlier this week, in case you missed it.