Jeannie Mai Shares First Look of Baby Girl With Jeezy

Five months after welcoming her first child into the world, Jeannie gave fans a glimpse of her baby girl, Monaco Mai Jenkins

In a YouTube video posted on June 2, Jeannie teased the world about someone new, someone sparkly, and someone who smells like a five-month-old baby

The film then transitioned to a montage of images and videos from the baby's early months on this planet

The beautiful slideshow included Monaco's giggling, her first Lunar New Year, quality time with both of her grandparents

And a charming visit with her mom's co-hosts from The Real

She cried as she confessed that she 'gets so frightened' when she shows Monaco to strangers in an on-camera sit-down with Olivia TuTram Mai

"It's a strange combination of being ecstatic about something and also recognising that the world is cruel at times," Jeannie explained.

I can defend myself, I can block you, I can ignore the remarks, but you can't do that with a baby, so getting to this point was so difficult for me