In the wake of Yellowstone's closure gateway towns face a tough time surviving

During the summer tourism season Rebecca Stoneberger was preparing for the disaster

In Gardiner Montana a gateway town near Yellowstone National Park she had just extended hours at Bears Brew

Flooding caused the Yellowstone River to swell to record levels within hours of torrential rainfall and excessive snowmelt this past week

During the flooding Stoneberger's neighbor's building a building housing Yellowstone National Park's families was swept away

A few days later Jeff Reed owner of Reedfly Farm downriver in Paradise Valley saw the same building float past with his lodging business Reedfly Farm

Yellowstone's superintendent Cam Sholly said in a press conference that this is the first time a flood has forced the park to shut down in its 150 year history

There hasn't been access to Old Faithful geyser Grand Prismatic Spring or other famous Yellowstone sights for more than three decades now Sholly