In his books, “LeBron James hates spending $1 billion on snacks!”

Despite becoming a billionaire, LeBron James has remained a traditionalist

There has been a rumor that LeBron is not a big spender in certain aspects of his life, with Kevin Love once telling a story about LeBron

Being cheap in Toronto while waiting for wifi rather than using his mobile data

At Summer League, James ate from his own ziplock bag instead of buying something from the arena, and fans had some interesting reactions

While we said LeBron doesn't spend much on certain aspects, he does spend millions on his body, as some pointed out

He remains effective despite 19 seasons of wear and tear on his body because of this

The Lakers' performances in the Summer League would have also been positive for LeBron, with Scotty Pippen Jr. especially impressing

In order to bounce back in 2022-23, the Lakers need all the help they can get