Goran Dragic Calls Out Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving While Talking About His Time With Nets

There were a number of controversies surrounding the Brooklyn Nets in the 2022/23 NBA season, and they finished the season without winning a playoff game

In the league, the Brooklynites were regarded as one of the biggest disappointments, with several players disliking their time there

One of those players is Goran Dragic, who arrived in Brooklyn hoping to win a championship, but his team struggled even to make the postseason

He discussed his decision to sign with the Chicago Bulls and his participation with the Slovenian national team in a recent interview

The quote that stood out the most was from Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, two of his former superstar teammates

In talking about his time playing with them, Dragic admitted that the team had an individual focus rather than a collective one

After signing a one-year deal with the six-time NBA champions, he said the situation is over and he is now ready to start a new chapter

Dragic's time in Brooklyn was anything but pleasant