Gerard Pique vs Shakira Barcelona player will not allow his children to leave Spain

In order for Milan and Sasha to leave Spain, Shakira needs Gerard Pique's permission to leave Spain, and the soccer player will say no to the move

A complicated legal battle to determine custody of their children is expected to ensue after Shakira and Pique separate, with the main reason being Pique infidelity

According to the portal Informalia, the Colombian actress will do anything to achieve her goal of living in Miami with her two children, even if it means publishing negative press

Even on vacation, Pique will not let them leave the country

Shakira will not stop until she is able to move to Miami with her children

Pique will not allow Shakira to take her children to Miami

After separating from Paulina Rubio, Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera Colate, who married Paulina Rubio and had a son

Decided not to be an absentee father after divorce and went to live in Miami