Farewell to our favorite Stranger Things 4 character

A number of new characters appeared in Season 4, some of whose charm won us over, others whose backstories tugged at our heartstrings

We'll miss Hawkins, Indiana's unsung hero for the rest of our days, someone who brought out the best in every major character

In the premiere episode of season 4, Eddie Munson, too cool for school and dorkily obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, walks into the Hawkins High School cafeteria - and straight into our hearts

It's fair to say that Eddie suffered the most of any character this season, second only to Max and Eleven

Although he witnessed a traumatic death and spent the season being hunted down by Jason

He still went on to help Max, Dustin, Lucas, and the gang journey into the Upside Down to hunt Vecna

In spite of the circumstances, he doesn't lose sight of what makes him unique; from calling Max "Red" to telling Steve 

Who was worried about his friendship with Dustin - that Dustin still thinks he's the coolest person around